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Large Format Porcelains combine the best attributes of natural and engineered surfaces to produce beautiful countertops with unrivaled color consistency and endurance. Peruse some of the colors below, or visit the vendors' websites: Dekton, Stile, Geolux, Neolith and Xtone.

Dekton + Show

Image of by Cosentino.
by Cosentino
Dekton is a sophisticated blend of raw materials that produces superior glass, porcelain, and quartz work surfaces. Dekton is exciting in that it uses technology to quickly imitate a process that takes thousands or even millions of years to produce in nature. Dekton Fast Facts: • UV-resistant • Scratch-resistant & stain-resistant • High resistance to fire and heat • Available in 10 colors

Stile + Show

Image of by MSI.
by MSI
Stile® porcelain slabs are nonporous, etch and stain resistant, and heat resistant, making the material suitable for a variety of kitchen and bathroom projects in both commercial and residential properties. Stile® Porcelain slabs are suitable, and often times superior, substitute for natural stone slabs and tile. Whether used to create focal walls, handsome floors, striking backsplashes, or lovely durable countertops, Stile® Porcelain slabs provides the seamless look of continuous natural stone for a fraction of the cost of stone. Unlike natural stone, Stile® Porcelain slabs require no routine maintenance and because of their large formats are installed with minimal grout lines.
Arabascato Polished, Bookmatched
Arabascato Visio, Polished and Matte, Bookmatched
Basaltina Nera Matte
Calacatta Polished, Bookmatched
Calacatta Lucca, Polished and Matte
Calacatta Lucca Polished, Bookmatched
Calacatta, Polished and Matte
Carrara, Polished
Cement Ash, Matte
Crema Marfil, Polished
Grigio Veneziana, Polished
Onice Bianco, Polished
Pietra Grigio, Matte
Statuario Bari, Polished and Matte
Statuario Bari, Polished, Bookmatched
Statuario, Polished
Taj Mahal, Polished
Taj Mahal Venata, Polished
Taja Perla, Polished and Matte
Travertino Santa Caterina, Polished and Matte
Zebrino Black, Polished

Geoluxe + Show

Image of .
By virtue of its remarkable beauty and superior properties, GEOLUXE® is an ideal choice for surface material fit for various applications that can elevate the everyday of your life. The more you see it, the more you love it. On top of that, the unique combination of properties that include stain, chemical, heat and frost resistances makes things easier allowing for minimal maintenance and unmatched durability. To live with the extraordinary and peace of mind is to live with GEOLUXE®.
Nestos Gray
Nestos Royal

Neolith + Show

Image of by Marva.
by Marva
Neolith is lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to high temperatures. This natural stone product’s hard surface makes it resistant to scratches and abrasions, while its high UV damage resistant properties enables Neolith to withstand strong sunlight. The durability, consistency, and versatile color options make Neolith a preferred product for residential application.
Blanco Carrara / ClassStone
Calacatta / ClassStone
Calacatta Gold / ClassStone
Calatorao / ClassStone
Estatuario / ClassStone
Mont Blanc / ClassStone
Nero Marquina / ClassStone
Pulpis / ClassStone
Strata Argentum / ClassStone
Arctic White / Colorfel
Avorio / Colorfel
Bombon / Colorfel
Humo / Colorfel
Just White / Colorfel
Luna / Colorfel
Nero / Colorfel
Nieve / Colorfel
Perla / Colorfel

Xtone + Show

Image of by Porcelanosa.
by Porcelanosa
Porcelanosa’s XTONE large format porcelain slabs can be used to create sophisticated, elegant, and functional designs regarding countertops and tables. The new high performance material is made up of sintered porcelain with pure minerals that are compacted and created with the most advanced technological development – all the while featuring a stunning, avant-garde design. XTONE provides a multitude of benefits, and performs better than quartz, marble, granite, and other common solid surfaces. It is an easily maintainable material that is highly resistant to stains, chemicals, heat and burns, thermal shock, scratching, water, and UV rays.
Aged Clay
Aged Dark
Aria White
Ars Beige
Bottega Acero
Bottega Antracita
Bottega Caliza
Glem White
Kala White
Liem Black
Liem Dark
Liem Grey
Lush White
Matter Black
Matter Bone
Matter Dark
Matter Sand
Matter White
Porto Grey
Raw Dark
Raw Smoke
Savage Dark